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The CMAS Center is a leader in atmospheric modeling training. Our trainers have decades of experience teaching meteorology, emissions, and air quality modeling and analysis to students from around the world. While the classes focus on the operational aspects of CMAS-supported software, they combine modeling practice with lectures on the underlying theories and science of the modeling software.

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The following training classes are currently available from the CMAS Center:

Other Courses

CMAS trainings consist of classroom sessions and hands-on computer laboratory sessions. All of the hands-on training material use the Linux Operating System. A working knowledge of the Linux command line is a prerequisite for these classes. Although a basic introduction to Linux Commands is included with the course materials, it is more intended as a cheat sheet than a tutorial of Linux. Students who do not know the Linux command line well must learn the basics on their own before attending the class. A search of the web yields many options for free Linux tutorials. The UNIX/Linux tutorial from the University of Surry, UK is a good example of a Linux primer.

Training Location

Most trainings are offered at the CMAS Training Facility in Chapel Hill, NC USA. You will be notified if there is a change in venue for the class for which you are registered. Laptops for each student that are preconfigured with the training materials are available upon request, though students may bring their own laptops. CMAS will provide instructions on prerequisite software prior to the start of training.

Training courses can also be conducted off site, provided that appropriate facilities are available and there are an adequate number of interested students. Email to inquire about off-site trainings. Please include a brief explaination of how the CMAS Center can help you meet your training needs.

Upcoming Classes

CMAQ Online

Dates Location Status  
CMAQ Online Training starting October 25, 2022 Online Full Add me to waiting list

SMOKE Online

Dates Location Status  
SMOKE Online Training starting October 11, 2022 Online Full Add me to waiting list