Community Modeling and Analysis System

Surrogate Tools DB

Create spatial surrogates for mapping emissions sources to modeling domains

Surrogate Tools DB is a set of tools for creating spatial surrogates used in emissions modeling. The tools include functions for merging and gapfilling of surrogates, and managing the entire process. Surrogate Tools DB is written in Java and uses a database (Postgres) for spatial data handling.

History of Surrogate Tools DB

  • Surrogate Tools DB v1.0 (11/30/2020) - Initial standalone release

Surrogate Tools DB began as a modification of the surrogate tools included in the Spatial Allocator. Spatial processing originally handled in C code was transitioned to use a spatially-aware database. The standalone Surrogate Tools DB package does not rely on the Spatial Allocator.

Latest Version: Surrogate Tools DB v1.0



System Requirements

O/S Linux
Software Java, Postgres + PostGIS