Community Modeling and Analysis System

National Lightning Detection Network Flash Count Data

CMAQv5.0 - CMAQv5.1 Monthly NLDN Flash Counts

The I/O API-netCDF files in this archive contain estimates of monthly 12-km resolution cloud-to-ground (CG) flash counts over North America for 2002-2014 on the standard 12-km United States CMAQ grid. These data were created using National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) raw flash data from Vaisala. The flash rate data sets for 2002-2013 are unchanged from the January 2015 Version. However, the method used to type a flash as CG or intra-cloud (IC) in the 2014 data set differs from what was used for 2002-2013 (see accompanying README file for details on how the data sets were prepared). These data can be used to simulate lightning NOx emissions in CMAQv5.0 and higher.

Download Monthly NLDN Data by Year

July 2002 Flash Counts