Community Modeling and Analysis System

2018 Conference Guidelines for Oral Presenters

All oral presentations should be saved in Powerpoint or PDF format onto USB memory sticks. Presenters will have time each morning of the conference to upload their presentation onto the computer in the room that they will present in.

Also, please remember that if you wish to publish an extended abstract on the CMAS web site, you'll need to follow the template and guidelines outlined on our Call for Papers page.

Some Suggestions for Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be 15 minutes followed by five minutes for questions for a total of 20 minutes. We suggest that you limit the number of slides to less than 1 per minute. This will allow for sufficient viewing time especially if the presentation matter is complex.

  • Layout
    • Don't use hand drawn materials
    • Use 18 point fonts for text or numbers. The presentation has to be readable from 50 feet or more from the screen
    • Use a heavy line thickness for graphics
    • Use dashed, dotted or color lines rather than varying line thickness
    • Use a dark background color and bright colors for the copy
    • Avoid shades of gray
  • Content
    • Use short, crisp text
    • Don't use the page from your abstract
    • Select only key parts of an equation to illustrate a point
    • Show information piece by piece, built to the conclusion
    • Use simple diagrams
  • Computer presentations
    • Do not use bright red, blue and/or green at the same time. It is difficult for the eye to focus on these color combinations
    • Do not use too many colors at the same time
    • Follow common associations people have with colors
    • Keep the presentation simple. Too many animations or complex background images take away from the substance of the presentation