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CMAS offers a place to post jobs related to atmospheric science, atmospheric modeling, meteorological modeling, and climate modeling. If you would like to post a job here, please email the job information to Make sure that you include an expiration date in your job description. If the position is hiring until filled, we will post it for 2 months, and you can ask to repost if needed.

Available Positions

  • Air Quality Specialist (Air Quality Modeling/Emissions Inventory Unit) with South Coast Air Quality Management District, CA   [APPLY]

    South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) is one of the largest and most technologically sophisticated environmental regulatory agencies in the Nation. We serve a four-county region that includes large areas of Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, including the Coachella Valley, which is home to more than 17 million people. South Coast AQMD's headquarters is located in Diamond Bar, 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, at the junction of the 57 and 60 freeways. With a highly diverse "Clean Air Team" of over 800 employees, an annual budget of $196.3 million, and a state-of-the art air quality laboratory, our mission is to ensure clean air and a healthy environment. South Coast AQMD is an organization you can be proud to work for -- we make a difference in the quality of life in Southern California!


    We are recruiting for an Air Quality Specialist in Air Quality (AQ) Modeling and Emissions Inventory unit of our Planning, Rule Development, and Implementation (PRDI) division, a major branch of South Coast AQMD. An eligible list of candidates established with this recruitment can be used to fill a current and future Air Quality Specialist vacancies in our PRDI Division. Activities within the AQ Modeling/Emissions Inventory unit include air quality analysis and numerical modeling of meteorology and photochemistry, emissions inventory development, performing complex analyses of large measured meteorological and air quality data sets from ground level and satellite-based measurement platforms, image processing, air quality evaluation and preparing reports and presentations related to air quality and meteorology, graphical information system analysis, and conducting air quality research to assist air quality policy development.

    Air Quality Specialist is required to have advanced experience and knowledge in one or more of the specialties listed above.

    Specialized duties for the current vacancies include:
    • Conduct comprehensive three-dimensional chemical transport modeling to assist in policy decisions, air quality management plans, rulemaking activities and other special studies
    • Prepare spatially and temporally allocated emissions inventories as input for photochemical transport modeling
    • Perform complex air quality and meteorological data analysis
    • Perform geographical data analysis using geographical information systems (GIS) tools
    • Prepare written documents such as technical reports and scientific publications, briefing papers based on air quality modeling, analysis and monitoring studies
    • Develop and/or administer maintenance and upgrades of Linux-based parallel computing systems
    • Prepare and/or perform presentations to convey complex air quality concepts to technical and/or general-public audiences
    • Collaborate with other government agencies, academic institutions and other professional communities
    • Analyze information and data leading to the preparation of written documents such as findings and recommendations, exceptional event analyses, rule drafts and supporting documents including, graphs, and statistical summaries
    • Conduct policy relevant air quality research to improve air quality of the South Coast Air Basin
    • Review research publications and technical reports of other agencies and write a summary report and/or comment letter

  • Air Quality Modeler with GDIT   [APPLY]

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  • Emissions Modeler with GDIT   [APPLY]

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