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CMAS offers a place to post jobs related to atmospheric science, atmospheric modeling, meteorological modeling, and climate modeling. If you would like to post a job here, please email the job information to Make sure that you include an expiration date in your job description. If the position is hiring until filled, we will post it for 2 months, and you can ask to repost if needed.

Available Positions

  • Multiple research and research engineer positions open at BSC on anthropogenic and natural emissions, air quality, greenhouse gases, climate, modeling and artificial intelligence   [APPLY]

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  • Post-Doc Research Associate with UNC   [APPLY]

    The selected individual will join a NSF supported project in collaboration with NCAR and aimed at improving our understanding of the multiphase chemistry of water-soluble organic gases and their contribution to aerosol formation based on both laboratory measurements and air quality modeling. This work will employ the newly developed MUSICAv0 global model configured at different scales from air quality relevant scales to global scales. The postdoctoral fellow will configure and conduct MUSICAv0 simulations with a refined grid over Africa, compare the model results with available organic aerosol observations from recent field studies (e.g., Dynamics-Aerosol-Chemistry-Cloud Interactions in West Africa, AErosol, RadiatiOn and CLOuds in Southern Africa, Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study) and satellite measurements, and analyze the results of the global-scale model domain. Sensitivity studies will be performed to investigate the importance of various environmental parameters (temperature, altitude), and types of SOA coating (biogenic or anthropogenic) on the isoprene SOA formation. The Postdoctoral fellow will preferentially be located at NCAR in Boulder, CO for the entire duration of the project or will undertake a long-term visit at NCAR in Boulder CO, lasting for a minimum of 6 months and starting at the beginning of the project. This will ensure that the postdoctoral fellow is frequently interacting with the model developers at NCAR.