6.18. Tmpbio

6.18.1. Description
6.18.2. Processing Order
6.18.3. Files and Environment Variables

6.18.1. Description

Processing categories: biogenic

Tmpbio is the second program in the SMOKE-BEIS2 model. Tmpbio reads the gridded, normalized emissions file BGRD and/or BGRDW produced by Rawbio, as well as meteorological data from MET_FILE1 and/or MET_FILE2 (MET_CRO_2D or MET_CRO_3D). Speciation profiles are used to speciate biogenic pollutants into appropriate chemical mechanisms; the CB4 and RADM2 mechanisms are supported. The normalized emissions and meteorological data are used to produce gridded, speciated, hourly biogenic emissions. Additionally, an optional seasonal switch file, BIOSEASON, can be used to determine when and where to use summer or winter normalized emissions data on a daily basis. Both the BGRD and BGRDW files are needed if the seasonal switch file is used.