6.7. Met4moves

6.7.1. Description
6.7.2. Processing Order
6.7.3. Files, Environment Variables and Run Syntax

6.7.1. Description

Processing categories: mobile

The Met4moves is a meteorological processor that prepares temperature and relative humidity (RH) data for use by both MOVES and SMOKE. Met4moves produces specific meteorological metrices for the reference county(s) for MOVES and additional meteorological metrics for all inventory counties in the county group for SMOKE Definition of a “day

Met4moves seeks to obtain 24 hours’ worth of meteorology data for a source for each day, which is necessary for generating emission factors. However, the definition of a “day” differs for sources in different time zones. By default, Met4moves uses each source’s time zone to determine a day for that time zone. To instead use the same day-start-time for all sources, the UNIFORM_STIME environment variable can be used.

If the inventory covers multiple time zones, all sources will not have the same coverage of days. Met4moves will use meteorology data from previous or subsequent days to fill in missing data. If appropriate data are not available, the program will quit with an error and you must provide additional meteorology data to cover the time period of interest. Currently, Met4moves does not considers Daylight Saving time in its determination of “day”.