6.17. Tmpbeis3

6.17.1. Description
6.17.2. Processing Order
6.17.3. Files and Environment Variables

6.17.1. Description

Processing categories: biogenic

Tmpbeis3 uses version 3.09 or version 3.14 of the BEIS3 model. Tmpbeis3 reads the gridded, normalized emissions file B3GRD and meteorological data from MET_FILE1 and optionally MET_FILE2 (these files may be either MET_CRO_2D or MET_CRO_3D). Note that Tmpbeis3 uses temperature and surface pressure data that must be in MET_FILE1, and radiation/cloud data that may be in MET_FILE1 or MET_FILE2. Within Tmpbeis3, speciation profiles are used to speciate biogenic pollutants for appropriate chemical mechanisms. The speciation profiles used in SMOKE-BEIS3 are different than those used in SMOKE-BEIS2 modeling, and speciation profiles for the CB4, RADM2, and SAPRC99 mechanisms are available for BEIS3 modeling. The normalized emissions and meteorological data are used to produce gridded, speciated, hourly biogenic emissions. Additionally, an optional seasonal switch file, BIOSEASON, can be used to determine when and where to use summer or winter normalized emissions data on a daily basis.