6.11.3. Files and Environment Variables Input Files Input Environment Variables Output Files

Figure 6.11. Normbeis3 input and output files

Normbeis3 input and output files

Figure 6.11, “Normbeis3 input and output files” shows the input and output files for the Normbeis3 program. The input files are the emission factors file (B3FAC), the gridded land use file for the first 120 land use types (BELD3_A), the gridded land use types for the next 110 types (BELD3_B), and the land use totals data file (BELD3_TOT).

Normbeis3 outputs a gridded, normalized biogenic emissions file (B3GRD) and a log file (LOGFILE). Input Files

Gridded land use data can be created using GIS software, such as ArcInfo. Another tool that can be used to generate gridded land use data is the SMOKE Tool in Models-3 (see Models-3 documentation). The typical database used to generate the BELD3_A, BELD3_B, and BELD3_TOT files is the BELD3. Future versions of SMOKE may include a method for creating land use files for use with Normbeis3.

File Name Format Description
B3FAC ASCII Emission factors file
BELD3_A I/O API NetCDF Gridded land use (first 120 land use types)
BELD3_B I/O API NetCDF Gridded land use (last 110 land use types)
BELD3_TOT I/O API NetCDF Land use totals data Input Environment Variables

None Output Files

See Section 6.12, “Rawbio for the output variables contained in B3GRD for BEIS version 3.09 and version 3.14.

File Name Format Description
B3GRD I/O API NetCDF Gridded, normalized biogenic emissions (in grams of carbon or nitrogen per hour, depending on the species) and LAI: contains both summer and winter normalized emissions
LOGFILE ASCII Log generated from executing Normbeis3