6.5. Grwinven

6.5.1. Description
6.5.2. Processing Order
6.5.3. Files and Environment Variables

6.5.1. Description

Processing catagories: area, mobile, point

The Grwinven program grows and controls inventory emissions and activity data into the past/future by merging a SMOKE inventory file (AREA, MOBL, or PNTS) with its respective growth and control matrices. This optional program need not be used if these projections have been made outside of SMOKE. Grwinven outputs new SMOKE I/O API inventory files, but not the corresponding inventory ASCII files (because the program changes the data only in the I/O API inventory files, so there is no need to output the same ASCII files). The program can also output data in IDA or ORL format, or be used as a converter from SMOKE to IDA or ORL format. Grwinven does not merge the SMOKE inventory with reactivity matrices; this functionality is handled by Smkmerge.

The Grwinven program writes out temporary emissions files when creating an IDA- or ORL-formatted inventory. You can set the directory to which these temporary files go by setting the SMK_TMPDIR environment variable. These files can be quite large; at least 100 MB should be available on the disk to which this environment variable is set.