5.14. Surgtool

5.14.1. Description
5.14.2. Processing Order
5.14.3. Files and Environment Variables

5.14.1. Description

The Surgtool program inputs SMOKE-formatted gridding surrogates for a “fine” input grid and a grid definition for a “coarse” output grid. It produces an approximate “coarse” grid surrogates file, the accuracy of which depends on how fine the resolution of the input grid is relative to that of the output grid.

The program requires that the input and output grids use a lat-lon, Lambert Conformal, or UTM map projection. Surgtool can also perform Lambert-to-Lambert and UTM zone-to-zone transformations. In addition, the program requires that the input grid resolution be much finer than the output grid resolution (at least three times finer is recommended, though no specific limitation is given by the code). Surgtool supports SMOKE-formatted surrogate coefficient files only.