5.3.7. Inlineto2D Description Processing Order Files and Environment Variables Description

Inlineto2D merges the CMAQ inline-ready 2-D point sources emissions (INLN) with the elevated source stack group (STACK_GROUPS) files to generate 2-D hourly emissions. Processing Order

Inlineto2D can be run on any gridded I/O API file. Files and Environment Variables Input Files
File Name Format Description
INLN I/O API NetCDF CMAQ-ready Inline 2-D ridded emissions file, output by Smkmerge
STACK_GROUPS I/O API NetCDF Elevated sources stack parameters file, output by Elevpoint Output Files
File Name Format Description
OUTFILE I/O API NetCDF Gridded emissions file
LOGFILE ASCII Log generated from executing Inlineto2D