Chapter 12. Downloading, Installing, and Compiling SMOKE

12.1. Introduction
12.2. Downloading SMOKE
12.3. Installing SMOKE
12.4. Compiling SMOKE for UNIX

12.1. Introduction

Instructions on how to download and install SMOKE are provided in Section 12.2, “Downloading SMOKE” and Section 12.3, “Installing SMOKE”. Section 12.4, “Compiling SMOKE for UNIX” describes how to compile SMOKE for UNIX platforms other than those supported by CMAS. The SMOKE compile scripts are configured to use a UNIX C-shell environment, so they are not useful for creating Windows-based SMOKE files; using SMOKE with any version of the Windows operating system is not supported. If your operating system is one of the types supported by CMAS, you need only to download the SMOKE executables available from the CMAS Model Clearinghouse.