Chapter 9. SMOKE Intermediate Files

9.1. Introduction
9.2. Cntlmat
9.3. Elevpoint
9.4. Grdmat
9.5. Grwinven
9.6. Laypoint
9.7. Met4moves
9.8. Movesmrg
9.9. Normbeis3
9.10. Rawbio
9.11. Smkinven
9.12. Smkmerge
9.13. Spcmat
9.14. Temporal
9.15. Tmpbeis3
9.16. Tmpbio

9.1. Introduction

An intermediate file is a file that is output from one SMOKE program and input to another SMOKE program. All other files output from programs are considered output files; these are documented in Chapter 10, SMOKE Output Files.

In this chapter, the intermediate files are organized under headings named for the SMOKE programs that create the files; the files are listed alphabetically within each program section. The order of the programs within the chapter is also alphabetical. Please note that some file types have multiple file names, one per source category. For example, the multiplicative control matrix file name is ACMAT, MCMAT, or PCMAT, depending on whether the area, mobile, or point source category is being processed by Cntlmat. In these cases of multiple names for a single file type, the file description is listed one time for all intermediate files.