5.3.6. Extractida Description Processing Order Files and Environment Variables Description

The Extractida routine allows you to extract specific plants out of a point-source, IDA-formatted inventory file. The program reads a list of state/county codes and plant IDs and an IDA-formatted inventory file, then outputs only those records from the IDA file that match sources in the state/county and plant ID list. The program sorts the list of state/county codes and plant IDs and eliminates any duplicate records before reading the inventory file and selecting those records that match the list. The output file, OUTFILE, is also in point-source IDA format. Processing Order

This optional program can be run after you have created or obtained a point-source, IDA-formatted inventory file and before you run the Smkinven program. The OUTFILE file can be used as the PTINV input file to the Smkinven program. Files and Environment Variables Input Files
File Name Format Description
INFILE ASCII Input point-source inventory file in IDA format.

Input list of state/county codes and plant IDs. This file format is a single concatenated field of state/county code and plant ID with no spaces on each line. For example, to select county 37001 and plant 0001, the line of the INRECS file must be:

370010001 Input Environment Variables

None Output Files
File Name Format Description
OUTFILE ASCII Point-source, IDA-formatted inventory file that includes only the state/county and plant IDs listed in the INRECS input file that match the INFILE input file.
LOGFILE ASCII Log generated from executing Extractida