5.15. Uam2ncf

5.15.1. Description
5.15.2. Processing Order
5.15.3. Files and Environment Variables

5.15.1. Description

The Uam2ncf program takes UAM (or REMSAD or CAMX) EMISSIONS gridded files and creates an I/O API gridded file from them, which can then be merged with other gridded SMOKE I/O API files. This program is useful for converting area, nonroad mobile, on-road mobile, and biogenic UAM-ready files to the I/O API format needed for CMAQ or MAQSIP. Uam2ncf can also be used with low-level point sources, but not with the elevated-point-source inputs for UAM, REMSAD, and CAMX.

If you wish to create CMAQ or MAQSIP inputs from model-ready emissions for UAM, REMSAD, or CAMX, you must take the following steps:

  1. Use Uam2ncf to convert individual source categories for area, biogenic, and mobile sources to I/O API format.

  2. Run SMOKE for point-source inventory to create 3-D I/O API file.

  3. Run Mrggrid to combine converted inventory for nonpoint sources with SMOKE-created inventory for point sources.