October 21-23, 2002
EPA, Research Triangle Park

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Session 1 - Keynote Address
Steve Page
Jeff Holmstead
Partnerships in Air Quality Research, Gary Foley
The State of the SMOKE Modeling System: 2001/2002 Marc R. Houyoux
The Models-3/CMAQ Model: 2002 Release – New Features,  Kenneth L. Schere
Introduction to EPA s Multimedia Integrated Modeling System Software Suite:A New Framework for Models-3, Steve Fine, Steve Howard, Alison Eyth, Dean Herington, Karl Castleton

Session 2 - Regulatory Context

John Bachman
Peter Tsiragotis
Guidance on Attainment Tests for O3 / PM / Regional Haze, Ellen Baldridge & Joe Tikvart

Session 3 - Model Evaluation

Annual Simulations of Models-3/CMAQ:  Issues and Lessons Learned, Pat Dolwick, Carey Jang, Norm Possiel, Brian Timin, Joe Tikvart
An Assessment of Models-3 Performamce During the 1999 SOS Nashville Study, Elizabeth M. Bailey,  Larry L. Gautney, Jerry W. Condrey, Jimmie J. Kelsoe, and Mary E. Jacobs
Diagnostic Testing  in the Evaluation of CMAQ Against Observations From SOS Field Intensives, J.R. Arnold & Robin L. Dennis
Preliminary Evaluation of the June 2002 Version of CMAQ, Brian Eder, Shaocai Yu, Robin Dennis, Jonathan Pleim and Kenneth Schere
Gail Tonnesen
WRAP Experience: Investigating Model Biases, Uma Shankar, Rohit Mathur, and Francis Binkowski
Selected Results of Modeling with the CMAQ Plume-in-Grid Approach, James M. Godowitch
Modeling at the Neighborhood Scale, Sylvain Dupont, Jason Ching and Tanya Otte
Inventory Issues and Modeling - Some Examples, Brian Timin

Session 4 - Introduction to Model Applications

Operational Evaluation and Comparison of CMAQ and REMSAD- An Annual Simulation, Brian Timin, Carey Jang, Pat Dolwick, Norm Possiel, Tom Braverman
Application of Models3/CMAQ to Phoenix Airshed, Sang-Mi Lee and Harindra J. S. Fernando
Modeling Aerosol Formation and Transport in the Pacific Northwest with the CMAQ Modeling System, Susan M. O'Neill, Brian K. Lamb, Jack Chen, Candis Claiborn, Dennis Finn, Sally Otterson, Cristiana Figueroa, Clint Bowman, Mike Boyer, Rob Wilson, Jeff Arnold, Steven Aalbers, Jeffrey Stocum, Christopher Swab, Matt Stoll, Mike Dubois, Mary Anderson
Models-3's Application in FAQS Projects: Impact of Urban Definition's Change on Model Results, Yongtao Hu, M. Talat Odman, Maudood Khan, Armistead Russell
Air Quality Modeling of PM2.5 Species, Kirk Baker
Recent Applications of MM5, SMOKE, and CMAQ in Canada, J. Wayne Boulton, Mike Lepage, Xin Qiu and Martin Gauthier
CMAQ Sensitivity Testing for the Eastern United States, Jeffrey W. Stehr
A Study of Photochemical Processes of the Houston-Galveston Metropolitan Airshed with EPA CMAQ, Daewon W. Byun
CRC NARSTO- Northeast Modeling Study, Ralph E. Morris, Edward Tai, Greg Yarwood
Modeling Regional Haze in Big Bend National Park with CMAQ, Betty Pun, Christian Seigneur and Shiang-Yuh Wu

Session 5 - Model Development

Zion Wang
Development of the WRF-CMAQ Interface Processor, Seung-Bum Kim & Daewon W. Byun
Implementation of a Direct Sensitivity Method into CMAQ, Daniel S. Cohan, Yongtao Hu, Amir Hakami, M. Talat Odman, Armistead G. Russell
Shan He
Integration of Wildfire Emissions into Models-3/CMAQ with the Prototypes: Community Smoke Emissions Modeling System (CSEM) and BLUESKY, Mike Sestak, Susan O.Neill, Sue Ferguson, Jason Ching, Douglas G. Fox
Integration of Criteria and Toxic Pulltants in SMOKE, Madeline Strum, Marc Houyoux, Ron Ryan, Greg Stella, Bill Benjey, Gerald Gipson, Rich Cook
Future Enhancements of the CMAQ Model, Jonathan Pleim

Session 6 - CMAS Services

What is CMAS?, Bob Imhoff
The CMAS Center User Support Services, Zachariah E. Adelman
Model Development, Applications, and Research at CMAS, Rohit Mathur

Session 7 - Community Links - Model Development and Application

Development and Application of a State-of-the-Science Plume-in-Grid Model CMAQ-APT, Prakash Karamchandani, Christian Seigneur, Krish Vijayaraghavan, Shiang-Yuh Wu, Alan Hansen, and Naresh Kumar
Incorporation of the Model of Aerosol Dynamics, Reaction, Ionization and Dissolution (MADRID) into CMAQ, Yang Zhang, Betty Pun, Krish Vijayaraghavan, Shiang-Yuh Wu, and Christian Seigneur
Development of a Modularised Aerosol Module in CMAQ, Weimin Jiang & Helmut Roth
Performance Evaluation of Emissions Models, Mark Janssen
MCPL An I/O API Output Module for MM5, Carlie J. Coats, Jr.
The Sensitivity of Aerosol Sulfate to Changes in Nitrogen Oxides and Volatile Organic Compounds, Ariel F. Stein
Applications of Models-3/CMAQ in California, Bruce Jackson, Jinyou Liang, Daniel Chau, Luis Woodhouse, Paul Allen, Kemal Gürer, Shuming Du, John DaMassa, Andrew Ranzieri and Ajith Kaduwela
Application of CMAQ with RAMS to Air Quality in the Osaka Area in Japan, Seiji Sugata, Shinji Wakamatsu, Toshimasa Ohara, and Itsushi Uno

Session 8 - Community Discussions

RPO Updates
An Overview of the Community Modeling and Analysis System, Bob Imhoff

Poster Session

Evaluation and Intercompariso of N2O5 Chemistry in Two Versions of CMAQ, Chao-Jung Chien, Gail S. Tonnesen, Bo Wang, Zion S. Wang, Mohammad Omary
GIST: A New Tool for Visualizing Geographic Data, Alison M. Eyth & Prashant P. Pai
CMAQ and the New York Climate & Health Project, Patrick L. Kinney, Christopher Small, William D. Solecki, Roni Avissar, Christian Hogrefe, Michael Ku, Kevin Civerolo, Cynthia Rosenzweig, David Werth, Tracey Holloway, Joyce E. Rosenthal, Kim Knowlton, Anjali Puri
Distribution of Air Pollutants in Northeast Asia According to Synoptic Meteorology in May 1999, J.Y. Kim, Y.S. Ghim, J.-G. Won, S.-C. Yoon
Reconsider Model Performance with FDDA in Multiple Nested Domains, Qi Mao, Stephen F. Mueller, Larry L. Gautney
Real-Time Applications of a CMAQ-Related Photochemical Model, John McHenry, Jeff Vukovich, Carlie Coats, Ted Smith, Don Olerud, and Aaron Sims
Using Models3/CMAQ to Simulate Regional Air Quality in China, Xiaoping Wang, Yongtao Hu, Armistead Russell, Denise Mauzerall, Yuanhang Zhang
Simulation of Ozone and PM in Southern Taiwan, Yee-Lin Wu and Der-Min Tsai
Modeling Aerosol Formation and Transport in the Pacific Northwest Region with the CMAQ Modeling System, Jack Chen, Susan M. O'Neill, Brian K. Lamb